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As a food and beverage company, access to clean water is of critical importance to our business and at Kerry we are focused on both the quantity of water used in our operations and the quality of the water discharged from our sites.

Having already achieved a 4.2% reduction in water intensity between 2011 and 2014, Kerry has targeted a further 7% reduction by 2020. By year end 2016, we had reduced our water consumption by 2.7%, and we remain on track to deliver on our 2020 goal.

Water2013 Base Year2020 Target2016 Target2016 Performance
m³ per Tonne FG 4.89 4.55 4.72 4.76
% Change -7% -3.5% -2.7%
Water Risk

We also recognise that water stress is a growing global issue and in 2015 we began to assess our operations base with a view to focusing greater attention on conservation measures at sites in areas of water scarcity. Using the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct Tool we have developed a methodology for assessing potential water scarcity at sites within our operations. Using this assessment method, we have identified 9 priority water risk sites in 2016 and we are currently working with these locations to find opportunities to improve water stewardship.

2 Priority Sites 5 Priority Sites 2 Priority Sites